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Århus — City of Smiles

Aarhus is located on the east of Denmark´s mainland and this city hast two opposite parts. On one part you can find historical building with typical streets and buildings of the past. Walking through these streets is some kind of time travel. Horses are the cars and carriages are the busses or taxis of this district. There are small lakes and a lot of green areas. Some of the inhabitants have to use a fountain to get water for their animals. And beekeepers have small giveaways for children who are interested. But nearly everyone in this area sells some small things you can use as souvenirs for example wooden forks or spoons of course in different wooden colors. On the market you can smell and buy fresh vegetables and flowers of the surrounding. In the parks you can meet and enjoy its beauty. This is also a place for many events in this city, like concerts. On the other part of this city you can find a typical modern city without losing its charming and friendly atmosphere. A lot of young people live here because of the universities, lifestyle and nightlife. Some of the museums in this city are state of the art and really impressive even from the outside. The restaurant at the shore of the “Aarhus Å” called river is famous and unique. Along the river you can find a lot of cute and interesting restaurants, bars and cafés where the people of Aarhus meet and enjoy the flair resulting of the fact, that young and people live study and work in an old city. Another sight in Aarhus is the Aarhus Cathedral, Denmarks longest cathedral with a length of 93 meters. The church of our Lady is Scandinavians oldest church built in 1060. Another interesting fact about this city is that in Aarhus Denmarks most famous museums are located in this city. There are the ARoS Art Museum, the Old Town Museum and the Tivoli Friheden everyone is worth a visit. Novasol holiday homes are a perfect destination to start your holiday in or near Aarhus.