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Bornholm — an extra piece of Denmark

The island of Bornholm is situated closer to Sweden or Germany than to the mainland of Denmark. This island is very special with its windmills, its round churches and all the way of life that is different to the Danish. Ferries are very important for this island. They connect Bornholm to Rügen, Germany, and Ystad, Sweden. The ships stop at the harbor of Rønne, the administration centre of Bornholm, this city has a beautiful historical district with its typical architecture and a lot of museums you should visit.Another sight of Rønne is the old lighthouse, built in 1880. It really is worth a trip. Immidiatelly after your arrival you can visit the Novasol Service center to get further information about your Novasol holiday home. Bornholm invites you to go for a ride by bike with its generous net of bicycle lanes through fields, small forests or next to the Baltic Sea. Bornholm impresses with its own flair. Sometimes you might think about being in the Tuscany, sometimes you think you are in the Netherlands. All over the island are windmills that can be visited. Some of them are museums and the other ones are changed into a café. In addition to that you can visit a lot of churches built through different epochs and different styles. But one of the most typical churches is the round church of Østerlars with its massive walls and impressive paintings inside. Back to Nature. Bornholm offers a lot of small bays all around the island, but also the Mediterranean flair impresses and invite you to relax at the beaches. Another highlight of Bornholm are the smokehouses that can be found all over the island and specialty of this Island is the Bornholmer. It’s a smoothly smooked hering. But there is more to experience on this island. The glas manufacture on this island is also amazing and impressive, because you can see how these pieces of art are made. You can also visit the butterfly park in Nexø. Tropical flair with 30°C and free butterflies all around you. There are a lot of other things on this island to see. But its better if you look at it on your own.