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Cannes - Royal Regatta

Cannes is one of the most beautiful and glamorous cities at the French Mediterranean coastline. In 1850 Cannes was only a small fisher village, but today it is one of the most important places of jetset. Today Cannes is also famous for its film festival but also for other events, like the royal regatta once a year. During a visit you can easily get into a hotel, but to feel the atmosphere of the real Cannes you better should rent a holiday home or apartment in Cannes or the beautiful surrounding. Cannes combines the typical “Savoir vivre”, that means have a good time, and the modern requirements of upper-class entertainment. The climate is dominated by its location close to the sea and for sailors this can become a challenge to handle the “Scirocco” and similar fall winds resulting from this special location. All over the year you can find moderate temperatures of 15°C in average. The beach, the boulevards and the shopping miles are also a magnet for tourists from all over the world. Especially the “Boulevard de la Croisette” is famous and this catwalk is 2 kilometers long. Cannes is directly connected to the TGV net of the French railroad but can also be reached by plane. Another highlight beneath all these film events is the graveyard. It is made like a park and definitely one of the most beautiful graveyards in Europe nad it is in the middle of this astonishing city. But this park or graveyard is also important for the city, because it offers a cool place for recovery and it is the biggest park within a city in France. NOVASOL lets holiday homes and apartments in the south of France. Visit our homepage and find your holiday home in Cannes or surrounding. You will not be disappointed.