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Castels and manor houses in France

France offers a lot of castles and manor houses and they are located everywhere and in nearly every variety in France. These XXL-holiday homes, with their own flair, offer huge groups or big families a very special possibility to spend their holiday in a very luxury way. If you like to feel like “a god in France” these castles and manor houses are the best you can get. Here you can find your own huge pool or your own wellness area. The castles near the Loire or the manor houses in the Bretagne have their own style you can experience and explore. But also the well-known and popular French cuisine, France surely offers you in every region, can be cooked in every single very well equipped kitchen. In these XXL-holiday houses even cooking can be an adventure for the whole group. And maybe with a glass of the good French wine this could become a very relaxed evening. A holiday in a castle with a very special ambience with friends and family is definitely one of the biggest events according to the possibilities how you can spend your time in holiday. In the morning you can explore the surrounding or the estate, after lunch you can relax in the spa or pool and in the evening you can relax in one of the bug living rooms or play a nice round of darts or enjoy the pool table and of course taste the delicious French wine. The French call this way of live “savoir vivre” what means have a good time. In a castle of NOVASOL it is not hard to feel good and comfortable, because these XXL-holiday homes offer you everything you need for a good time in your holiday with all your friends, big families or special events, maybe a marriage.