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Hvar and Palmižana, Croatia

Southern Dalmatia is one of the most beautiful areas in Croatia. In this video you will be taken on a journey from the mainland to the small harbor Sucuray. From here we will go about 85 kilometers further to Hvar Town and then we will go to the island Palmižana. If you book a holiday home in Hvar in Croatia you will get to experience many various attractions. One of them could be the Cathedral of Saint Stefan which can easily be visited from many NOVASOL holiday home. You can also visit Hvar Town where there is a very nice town square. Here there are many restaurants and cafes that you can visit and enjoy from a NOVASOL holiday home. The food and drinks found in Hvar are typically Croatian. Here you will find fresh fish and seafood on the daily menu of the restaurants. The local cuisine in Croatia is very unique and fresh and cannot be found anywhere else. They mainly serve Mediterranean herbs and olive oil as well as fresh fruit and healthy vegetables. In this part of Croatia you will be impressed by many historic buildings between the cathedral and the harbor, all with aesthetically magnificent facades. You can take a boat to the island Palmižana where a botanical feast for your eyes is waiting. This island is truly beautiful with its nature and pureness. Palmižana is the perfect island for people who love nature and wish to explore nature while also having opportunity to relax and enjoy life. You will find exotic plants from all corners of the world on this island. In addition to this there are also exciting coves where you can admire the crystal clear sea and relax at the same time. On Palmižana you can sit with the whole family and de-stress on a charming restaurant while watching the kids play in nature. This place makes for a beautiful excursion destination from a NOVASOL holiday home in Hvar. Book your NOVASOL holiday in Hvar, Croatia, today and experience the nature, city and culture that are present here. You will truly be impressed.