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Region Blokhus / Løkken

Visit Blokhus and Løkken and start in a Novasol holiday home. Blokhus a small town is located in the north-west of Denmark right at the Jammerbugt Bay. The area around this small town impresses with dunes and wide sandy beaches, which got the blue flag award of the EU – a quality mark for environment, economy and nature. Everything in this area seems to be peaceful, friendly and harmonic. This area invites you for generous walks on the beach. Especially the sunset on the sea is impressive. It is also possible to do a long and relaxing bike trip on one of the numerous bicycle lanes during the dunes, forests and blooming fields. The pride of the nature helps to relax and calm down. Just enjoy the silence and sounds of nature. In the town a lot of small and cute cafes invite you to stay and enjoy these small and lovely buildings. Løkken is in the north of the Jammerbugt bay and is famous for its wide white sandy beaches. On the beach you can see one of the bunkers of the Atlantic Wall built during the Second World War by Nazi Germans, but today it is a ruin because of erosion of the coast. Løkken is also famous for fishing. You can visit the original fishing ships on the beaches, while enjoy these amazing views on the dunes. Another highlight of this area is the Børglum Abbey, which was an important abbey during the medieval in Denmark for Premonstratensians. On the market of Løkken you can buy typical sweets or drink some café in one of the traditional Cafes. No matter if you want to spend your holiday in Blokhus or Løkken, Novasol holiday homes are a perfect destination for a relaxing and romantic holiday because of their special and private flair.