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Sønderborg is located close to the border of Germany and Denmark in the area Syddanmark. The man part of this city is located on the island Als. Here you can find the main part of this city and the old town. The western part of this city is located on the Jutland Peninsula devided by the Als Sund , flowing into the Sønderborg Bay. And this is part of the “Flensburg Förde”. Sønderborg is a very cultural city. In the Sønderborg Castle is a museum with historical exposes and a collection of local arts. The “kastanie-Huset” is a typical shop of the 1940s reminding on the long business tradition. In the German Museum you can see the history of the people of the “Nordschleswig”. For people who are interested in technology the radio museumoffers TVs and radios of all epochs. The orchestra of this city, called the “Sønderjyllands Simfoniorkester”, gives regular concerts, but you can also listen to rock concerts in Mølleparken. The harbor of this city is a highlight, because there are numerous Cafés and restaurants you should see, but also the inner city with its shops is nice to visit. In July you can join guided tours through Sønderborg to learn more about this beautiful city at the Als Sund. A thistorical tradition is “ring-riding”. Yometimes you can see riders in historical cloths practicing this old sports in the castle. The castle is one of the oldest secular building in the south of the region Jütland. Today in the extension there is a museum and the main part of this castle was built in the 12th century. Because of its strategic location at the “Flensburger Förde” this castle on the Island of Als is called Sønderborg what means “Castle in the South”. The city grew in the castle´s shadow and today we can visit and enjoy these locations. In summer, in July and August, the royal yacht, the “Danneborg” lies off next to the castle. A Novasol holiday home in the region Sønderborg is a location to start a comfortable and relaxing holiday with your family.