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Surfing in Klitmøller, Denmark

Klitmøller is a Hotspot for people who love water sports. Surfer and kiter from all over Europe love this place because of the steady wind. “Cold Hawaii” is how this area is called by surfers from Europe – similar wind other temperature. The powerful waves of the northsea, the short distance to the Vandet Lake, a flat water are perfect also for beginners. Klitmøller is a paradise for water sports and it is surrounded of beautiful nature and best waves. This area is the perfect location for a sporty family who want to spent their holiday in a holiday home from Novasol. In the municipallity Thisted in North Jutland Klitmøller is situated and in the past till the 1980s it was only a small fisher village. But more surfers and kiters came here and today it is Europe´s most famous surf spot for sportsmen who do not fear the fresh water.Since 1990 th dansk masterships of surfing are distributed here. In addition Klitmøller is a destination of the Professional Windsurfers Association World Tour. Another argument for this beautiful nature is the national park Thy. It was the first national park of Denmark and here you can see protected plants like the “beach-thistle” while cranes and the Wood sandpiper are running or flying around. Klitmøller is also a perfect destination for trips for example to Skagen, where the streams of Skagerak and Kattegat crash into each other and the waves break in the middle of the Sea. Some people say that there is a very special light in this area especially in midsummer. This explains why so many artists like photographers or painters come to this region and most of the Copenhagen come here to spend their summer holidays in their summer houses. Here you can also find a rich offer of Novasol holiday homes, because nothing is more beautiful to fight against powerful waves by day while you are able to sit on front of your fireplace at night and relax and enjoy the silence.