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In the east of Spain at the Mediterranean Sea is the city Valencia. In the north is Catalonia and in the south is the region of Murcia. In the region of the Valencian community you can find the provinces Valencia, the capital of this region, Alicante and Castellon. Each of them impresses with its own flair and surrounding. On these 23.000 square meters only life 5 Million people. The attractive coastline and interesting inland is visited by thousands of tourists every year. 60 years ago there was nearly nothing about tourism, but since that time this region expands for tourists. The inland of Valencia is affected by mountain ranges with a top of 1813 meters of the mountain “Penyagolosa”, while the coastline is dominated by smooth and sandy beaches. Next to the south you can find a lot of orange and almond trees, but also huge market gardens. In front of the coast of the province Castellon are the islands of Columbretes with a volcanogenic origin. Because of their unique fauna and flora they are under nature protection. But they are also very interesting for divers or fishers. You can reach them easily living in a NOVASOL holiday home or apartment in Valencia. The mainly Mediterranean cuisine with olive oil, vegetables, meat and fresh fish offer a lot of culinary enjoyments. The Valencian community is also known all around the world for is rice meals, like the “Paella”. But Valencia also has a long tradition making one of the best Spanish wines. In nearly every bigger town or city you can find historical buildings of the Moorish or Christian architecture you should not miss in your holiday. They are really impressive. Another attraction for tourists is the city Benidorm. While this city was a small village in the 1960s it today stands for beaches, skyscrapers and a lot of hotels. This city is located at the Costa Blanca and this means White Coast, because of the wide, sandy and fine beaches. The mountains protect this coast against wind. That makes it possible to sit on the beach even in winter. The inland offers a landscape which is rich in contrasts.